Saturday, August 24, 2013

Onward to Tartu Continued

Due to an annoying error that happens whenever I leave the page, I am continuing from where I left off in this post.

I was surprised as we pulled up outside her office. I was expecting it to be in an office building, but it was  a beautiful two story house. I was amazed that she worked in a beach house right next to the ocean. Then I realized that it couldn't possibly be on the ocean because Tartu is nowhere near the ocean. Somehow the style of the house combined with the cries of seagulls had convinced me that it was built in front of the ocean. We went inside and she introduced me to all of her coworkers who were there. Then we went upstairs to my mother's office and she got to work and I sat at her colleague's desk in a spinny chair and read a pamphlet about her company. After I finished that I looked around the office, noticing the large map of Taalinn on the opposite wall and the English to Estonian dictionary of economics.

I took said dictionary and started to skim through it. I took the pen from my pocket and wrote down some words that I could use on the inside of my forearm.

An hour after we arrived, we left for an apartment complex where she had to drop off some keys for a  tenant who was arriving today. After that, we went to the police/immigration office and managed to hand in all the paperwork except for the piece my father has to sign, but that can be sent in by email, and he is back now, so we should have everything we need.

After paperwork, we went to a shopping center to visit the rotary club president and pick up my sim card. Her office was on the third floor and she appeared to work for some company that fit glasses or sunglasses.

Soon after, we went back home.

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