Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last Day

I'm sitting in the lobby at the moment, watching most of the other exchange students meet their families and talk to them. There are only a few of us leaving here without meeting our families face to face. Us Estonians make up the majority of this group, as we will be meeting them in Taallin (sp?).  The rest is the people whose families are unable to be here at this time for one reason or another.

Earlier today we met with our correspondents and district leaders. The USA correspondent was with the Finnish Outbounds in New York, so we meet with Liisa instead. Then I went to the district meeting and was with Liisa again. She brought up my blog and observed that it was last updated early in the morning, at about 5. I was a bit confused, so I checked it out and turns out the clock is off by a lot. I'm not even sure what time zone it's on.

In my district there are the Estonians, obviously, some Japanese, one Korean, some of my housemates, of American nationality, quite a few people I don't know, and Zorro.

Most likely, you have concluded that it cannot possibly be his real name. You would be right, his real name is Alejandro. He doesn't know I call him that yet, but he will soon. He probably won't realize that I actually do know his name. The story behind it comes from last night, Cosy Night. We had a large talent show with both individual and country acts. I recited a poem and there were three people playing the piano and Alaska playing violin. There were others as well, there was a funny video about why Italy is no different than the rest of Europe, and Japanese exercises, and dances. The country acts were great. The Mexicans danced several common dances to music, Alejandro is Mexican, by the way. He was wearing a black Mexican suit with silver embroidery, and a black sombrero. When he sat down and took off his hat, I looked at him and the first thing I thought was Zorro! so I started to refer to him as Zorro.

There was also a German boy who beat out the rhythm of every song against his chair so I refer to him as 'music in his soul', however, I actually do not know his name. The name is because of the thought thread that drifted through my mind as I looked at him. He  is not in my district though.

My blazer is getting heavy to wear.

Also, I dropped a glass cup in the cafeteria today and it shattered.

Not looking forward to the eight hour trip to Elva, but at least 5 1/2 hours of it I will be with Anett and the other four Estonian Inbounds.

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