Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Impressions

I woke up that morning covered in sweat in a strange bed in a strange room. As I got up, I realized the room was stuffy because I had closed the window the night before. I got up cautiously and poked my head outside. Thankfully, there was no one in sight, so I took my clothes and shower stuff to the bathroom and tried to figure out how to wash my hair in the bathtub. Eventually I was done with my shower, so I went back to my room. I took my time unpacking my suitcase to delay my going down to breakfast. When I did go down to breakfast, it was nowhere near the terrible awkward event I had been imagining.

Later I went for a walk through town with my host mother and Adeela. We walked past a library (raamatukogu) and the shopping center, before turning onto the somewhat less used roads leading to Adeela's vanaema's house. We stopped there and she made us pancakes for lunch, which is apparently what she does for anyone who walks through her door. I also met her very armas koer (cute dog) and it was decided that I was definitely family because she didn't bark at me likes she does to all strangers.

After that, we returned directly home by going through a gate in someone's backyard, through a park, behind the school and past the skatepark, and back down the road to the house.

Later that afternoon, I went with Aksel to the football game down at the rand (beach) by the järv (lake) to see it and meet his friends. However, all his friends were apparently asleep, so we watched some of the game then got ice cream and went for a walk. We walked in a big circle, but I didn't realize until we got back to the house.

Every time I went out that day, I learned handfuls of new words.

.lllllkkkkkkkkk,k,,,,,,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkooooooooihf.               Hhhhhllllllk.          




  1. Tere Molly,

    Nice to see that you're adjusting to Estonia so quickly! :) I'll be looking forward to reading more stories as your year progresses!

    Do you know if you'll be going to Miina Härma Gümnaasium?


  2. It seems, that Adeele has helped you in writing :)!

  3. (You may not realize it from the small number of comments, but quite a few people back home are reading and enjoying your blog. Keep it up!)

  4. @Chris: yes I will. Any info would be appreciated.

    @Josh: Is that really you? Or did mom post under your name? Because it

  5. Sounds like mom. (Publishing error)

  6. lol, yah Molly that sounds like your mom...Missing you! Also, jealous! I wish I was there!

  7. For the record that must have really been your brother.