Thursday, August 1, 2013

Multi-country Rotary Districts

I learned the city where I would be staying in Finland on the day I landed in JFK airport in New York. I would be going to the very capital: Helsinki!

Well first I had to get my residency permit. So we went at one o'clock the next morning back to New York City to visit the Finnish Consulate and apply for my residency permit. It all went smoothly, and we went home feeling very lighthearted. However, now it is August first and it has not arrived yet. The last possible day for it to arrive if I am to attend the language camp on time is tomorrow.

No worries though. If I'm late, I'm late. However, this morning another situation arose that calls for even more paperwork. I am being sent to District 1420, one that includes Helsinki and all of Estonia. I got an email telling me that I was being moved to another city in the District, one that had its exchange student drop out at the last minute. Another city. In Estonia.

So now I need paperwork that lets me study in Estonia with a Finnish residency permit, and school records so they can put me in classes, and all the paperwork we sent to Helsinki needs to go there.

Well, it's a process and I'll get there eventually. The new city is Tartu by the way.

Plus, I have to begin again on a new language and try to figure out how to change the name of this confounded thing.

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