Monday, August 5, 2013

Inbound Conclomaration

So I'm here at language camp with at least a hundred other inbounds from all over the world. Walking through the camp, I can hear at least four other languages, and each being spoken at a rapid-fire pace. However, most of the people hear speak English at least passingly well, and it is the language most people are being taught in.

We are split into cabins, and all the people in mine are wonderful. Last night Rowan, someone from my cabin, cooked up scrambled brownies in a pan using only Nesquick chocolate mix, flour, and milk. They actually tasted like brownies too.

I have met a lot of people already and I am meeting more every day. My blazer is growing heavy already under the weight of so many pins that I traded for. I also have a lot of business cards.

The only place in the camp that has wifi is here, in the lobby, so people congregate here with there devices. I only just managed to get my iPad to accept the wifi so I could find out who was cast as the 12th Doctor, obviously the most important thing to do with the Internet.

There are six of us going to Estonia, two Canadians, two Americans, one German, and one Mexican. However, the Mexican hasn't arrived yet. We have separate lessons with the Rotex student from Estonia. They are going well, the lessons that is.

Yesterday, I experienced my first true Finnish sauna. It was amazing. Afterwards, I jumped into the lake and came out feeling quite refreshed. Before the sauna, I had been swimming, which was great, and rowing, which was also fun.

I have to go now.

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