Monday, August 19, 2013

A Cemetery Even Mom Would Love

I haven't gotten around to posting on my blog in a while, so I will be starting on Saturday and perhaps revisit earlier days as I feel inclined.

On Saturday, I decide to go for a walk after lunch, but ended up biking because it was a great deal more appealing. I left the house with the address in my head and with the full intention of getting lost for the fun and adventure of it. I wandered around the back streets for a while and saw a house structure that had been gutted by fire. Soon after I found myself out on Kao Tee, one of the main streets, so I crossed it and continued to explore the back streets. However, I soon realized that it is most difficult to avoid ending up back on the main streets.

I then decided to go to the shopping center and go somewhere else from there. When I got there I saw the map of Elva that I had forgotten about and decided to find something interesting to see. On the map I found a cemetery, so I decided to bike out there.

On the way, I passed groups of teenagers, an apartment complex, an old lady reading a book on a bench in the middle of a stretch of forest, and rode over a railroad track.

The cemetery was located in the middle of the woods and I could hear loud music coming from somewhere behind it. It took me a moment to realize that it was, in fact, the cemetery. It wasn't a somber gathering of aging stone clustered on a grassy clearing. It wasn't grim in any way at all. I wandered through the gravestones on foot and observed the beautiful cemetery. It wasn't like all the trees had been cut down to make space for it, it was more like just the underbrush and small saplings had been cleared away. Each gravestone or group of two had a well tended patch of earth surrounded by stone and pots of flowers blooming around it. Many had a small bench set upon the earth for family to sit with them for a while. There were paths through the plots with trees growing out of them and I could see a couple old ladies tending the paths and graves. The whole place had a feeling of peace and it looked like a park or garden. It was simply the most beautiful graveyard I have ever seen.

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