Saturday, August 3, 2013

On the Way

I am now in the airport in Boston awaiting the plane that will take me to Iceland. As I arrived in Boston I had butterflies fluttering about in my stomach and I felt anxious and nervous along with a mounting sense of excitement and adventure. Once I checked my bag, we had dinner at a grill in the airport and I felt the nervousness burn away and I was almost giddy with excitement. When I said good-bye to my parents, my mom kept hugging me so I had to remind her to let me hug dad too.

Once I got beyond the security check without any complications, I felt overwhelmingly confident and ecstatic, so much that I could feel it in my stride down to the gate. Now I am waiting for the plane and I still feel excited, but some feelings of nervousness have crept back in. However, on the whole, I feel like I am going to have one hell of a good exchange year!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Molly!

    It was hard to let go. :)

    I decided that letting you go on your own through security and to the gate was the hardest part of the beginning of your adventure. Dad and I peeked for a while until the TSA lady told us we couldn't wait there unless we had a ticket. You are off on an amazing adventure!

    Love, Mom