Wednesday, August 7, 2013


All the food here is wonderful. For breakfast there is cereal, potato porridge with jam, and bread with what we would consider lunch meat to go with it.

For the Finns, there are five times to eat. Breakfast, as I just described, lunch, Kaffe, dinner, and evening snack. You would think that we would be eating a ton of food, but no one really is. At lunch there is usually potatoes, salad, rice sometimes, and meat sauce. To drink there is water, milk, and home-brewed beer (ick). There is also a sort of soft creamy berry dessert to go with lunch. For Kaffe, there is one sort of food, a coffee cake, muffin, or bun sort of thing, and juice that also appears at breakfast. Of course, there is also tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Dinner is more meat and potatoes, and tends to have fish. They serve home-brewed beer at this time too. Evening snack is usually something that is considered very finnish, like the thin pancakes, like crepes, that were served with sugar and jam.

It is all very good food and I am pretty sure everyone likes it.

Also, the beer is non-alcoholic.