Monday, August 12, 2013

First Night

On Saturday, the five of us, Anett, and the Rotary guy from Estonia loaded ourselves into a van and drove down to Helsinki to catch a huge ferry to Tallinn. The Canadians sat together in far back and took turns sleeping on each other. Once we got the harbor, we could see that our ferry was green and yellow and as large as some cruise ships. Once on board, we went directly to the buffet for dinner and sat at a table next to the window. The trip went by in a flash and before we knew it, the coastline was visible on the horizon. We drove off the ferry and parked to wait for the host families. I was the only one not nervous at this point, because I learned that I was going with Erick and his host family to their home in Tartu, where I was then going to be picked up by my host family.

When we arrived in Tartu, we drove through the city center and then outward toward Elva. Shortly, we got to his house where my host parents were waiting for me. My new mother gave me a bouquet of flowers and my new father handed me an Estonian flag as we greeted each other. And then we were off for another 25 minutes of driving to their house in Elva. On the way, I learned that some family and friends were waiting for us at home for a barbecue party. When we got there, I was introduced to everyone first, before being shown to to the room I would be staying in. After that, we went back outside to rejoin the party. I have to admit that when I approached the group the first time, I felt an overwhelming desire to turn and run away, but forcing my jiggly legs to keep moving.

I sat down at the table next to one of the friends and opposite the friend from Latvia. We were having potato salad and a variety of meats. It was all very delicious. For dessert there was a cake made of a sort of jogurt that is a gel type thing filled with berries with a cookie bottom and topped with a blueberry message that read: Welcome Molly.  I made friends with my host sister when she handed her container of bubble solution and I proceeded to blow lots of bubbles for her to pop, including a
lot of big ones.

Thus it was past midnight by the time I retired to my room. It is a very beautiful room with wooden furniture. In one dresser, I found a letter from my host sister who is in Florida. It had a lot of information about my new family and was incredibly helpful.


  1. all so exciting Molly! Enjoy your time with your new family!

  2. Thanks for the post! Your story of the party reminded me of the one that was shared at the last Rotary gathering in Keene when he was ready to go to sleep and there was a party!

    I am realizing that I need to do more to be ready for Carlota. We need to bring flowers, have some folks over and really make her feel welcome. Your host family was very welcoming.

    We love you!