Sunday, August 4, 2013

Iceland Interlude

On the plane I sat between two ladies and had a good long conversation with the one to my right. She was from Houston, Texas and was going to Iceland for a holiday. Previously, for work, she had traveled a lot and had been to Estonia once.

As we left the Boston airport, I felt an overwhelming desire to turn and run away and go back home to the life I knew, but I quelled it within myself and looked to the new horizons.

Once we got low enough to see the ground, I could see it held the same wild beauty of the tundras of Alaska. I could see the tracings of the coast against the white-capped ocean and the brown scrub fading into the beyond before rising into a range of towering mountains.

As I walked out of the plane onto the Tarmac I felt the wind buffet me as if in rage at my daring to fly in on its back. Walking into the building, I again felt the confidence in my ability to travel by myself across the Atlantic.

In the terminal, much warmer than outside in the wind, I met three other exchange students who had come together on a 9 hour flight from Canada. Now we are hanging out while waiting for the next flight.


  1. Hi Molly,

    This post made my day as I knew you had successfully navigated the first leg of the journey. Not that I had any doubts that you could do it!

    Your comment on Alaska reminds me of the great adventure you and Emily had with Dad. Someday I'll make it there so I can see the wild beauty of the tundra.

    Nonny would be quite proud of you for visiting with your seat mates on the flight over. I always find it fascinating learning about all the different adventures/experiences that people have in their lives.



  2. Molly looking forward to your adventures in this post! Shelley