Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fish Hooks and Sticks

Sunday afternoon my father asked me if I wanted to go fishing and I said yes, so we left, just the two of us, to go back to the same place as before. We drove most of the way there and then pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store. My father explained that there is no point in fishing if you don't bring snacks with you.

When we got to the boat launch point we undid all the straps and pushed it into the water. I ran along to the point to wait to get on, so that my father could get the boat out of the shallow water.

We drove far out into the river before trying to fish for the first time. We didn't have much luck and I especially didn't. I managed to catch two branches and a lot of grass. We continued on to a lake and tried in an inlet. I got my lure stuck in a root and we had to get close enough so that I could unhook it by hand. No luck there, so we zoomed across the lake to a large stand of reeds and grass.

Soon after we arrived my father caught a small fish, but had to release it because it was too small. I caught some reeds and had to remove the lure by hand once again. We moved position within the reeds several times and my father caught a couple fish which we could keep.

We were close to the shore when I had to free my lure again, and accidently stabbed my middle finger with the fish hook. I yelled and turned to my father and said, " There's a fish hook in my finger. Please help." He climbed over to me and I winced as the shifting  of the boat caused the hook to move slightly. Thankfully the barb was not in my finger and my father could just pluck the point out. After he pulled it out, he told me that at first he thought I had seen a big fish. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

After sticking myself with a hook, I was understandably reluctant to fish much more. Then we started to drive around the lake slowly with our lines dragging through the water behind us. Eventually we stopped by another stand of reeds and fished some more.  At one point my father swung his line back too far and his lure got stuck in my hat. I was just glad it wasn't my face.

The sun was setting over the water as we began to make our way back to the boat launch. We stopped to fish only once more and I hooked a fish, but it wriggled free almost immediately.

Eventually, we got back and took the boat out and drove back home.

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