Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School. Sort of.

On Sunday, the first day of school at Miina Härma, we left the house at nine, my mother, Adeele, Aksel, and I. We picked up Meeme after getting flowers for the principal and class teacher. We got to the school at little before ten and went into the school grounds. Once in there, I met Brittney, the exchange student from Kansas. Together we went to wait at the sign for our class, 11a.

After a little while, more of our class arrived and she introduced me to the exchange students from Germany and Mexico, one of them being from Rotary. There was a minor awkward moment when I went to shake the Mexican girl's hand and she started to hug me, but we just ended up in a big hug after a few seconds.

After everyone in the school had arrived, the principal stood up and spoke about something for twenty minutes. Then a couple groups sang. Soon after, everyone went inside and went to there class teacher's room. Us exchange students followed the teacher and those students in our class that we knew to the room.

The teacher talked a lot in Estonian and a little bit in English as well. Then she had us exchange students introduce ourselves, so we did in Estonian. We got our schedules at some point and everyone elected a class leader. I'm fairly sure that the kid who was elected is in my drama class. That was pretty much it, and everyone was out the door by noon. I left lilies on the teacher's desk, and then found the principal, who is in my Rotary club, and gave her flowers.

After that I went with my family to lunch and then went home.


  1. Short day! Was that because it was a Sunday? Lots of exchange kids, too. Must be considered a good place. Hope the rest of the week is going well.

  2. Thanks for the updates! Aunt Patti was reminding me how she was the happiest kid on her first day of school in first grade as she finally had a baby sister instead of another brother!