Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Last Saturday at about noon, my mother and I changed into our matching t-shirts and went with Adeele to an event that reminded me of National Night Out. There were several different activities occurring, such as a bouncy house and slide for small children, a craft table, face painting, balloons, and a foot race for two different age groups. There was also a table where people were serving up soup and bread.

People wearing the same shirt as I was were the ones running the events. I believe that they were running for some community government position. Over the course of the day, more and more people were wearing the shirts as they got them.

I watched Adeele run in the little kid race and held Meeme's dog when she went to get soup. Then I got soup myself and it was very good.

My mother introduced me to an American who lives in Elva with his Estonian wife and their children. I learned that he came over from Connecticut to teach English and ended up staying. I also learned that he has been to Vermont.

Adeele got her mouth painted to look like a dogs and then she dragged me over to the bouncy house. I spent most of the next couple of hours watching over her. After her mother finally got her out of it, we went and watched bikers and skateboarders in the skatepark for a while.

After that we helped pick up the event and then went home.

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